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Build a professional looking online presence and your reputation with your sponsors, peers and community.

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Match Centre

Keep your supporters up to date with fixtures, results and league tables. Either by choosing a simple FA Full-Time integration or a more in-depth manual match centre.

Match Reports

Our news system allows you to upload match reports, player announcements or general club news. Keeping your online audiences up to date – Link this with your social media to gain further reach of your news stories.

Image Galleries

Showcase your games in our easy-to-view image gallery. These can be inserted in your match reports to allow your online audiences to have a visuals to aid your commentary.

Player Profiles

Showcase your teams, split them into positions & have a truly professional looking line up. You also have the option to have individual profiles, allowing for in-depth information about the player, playing history and sponsorship information.

Facilities Booking

Offer your club's facilities to the public and generate some additional income. Our booking systems can dictate when they're available, how much per session, and more. Each customer can view their bookings in their own account area.

E-Commerce +

Social Integration

Linking to your social media platforms is important to give your audiences a well rounded online experience – All your social media links are embedded in the header and footer of the site.

Advertise Sponsors

Gain exposure for your sponsors by showcasing them on your website. We install Google Analytics to allow you to know what numbers your website is hitting – Making is easier to encourage sponsors to get on board.

Purchase Tickets

Sell tickets to your games in advance, either collecting payments online or on the day. Allowing your attendees to tell you whether they will be coming will aid in your logistic planning for match days.

E-Commerce +


Generate income on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Collecting your player's and club members' fees through your website makes the committee's life easier and stops the constant chase. Members can be managed in their own account area.

E-Commerce +

Club Shop

Sell your club's merchandise to your fans. With easy-to-use product archiving and single product pages. Full cart system and payment gateway allow you to generate income all week long, instead of just at weekends.

E-Commerce +

Ground Directions

We’ve all experienced it – trying to find a ground in the middle of nowhere and the address isn’t specific enough to the actual pitch location. Click the directions button and Google Maps will be automatically set up to go straight there.

Contact Page

A map of your ground location, a contact form and committee information. Give your audience all the information they need to visit or contact you.

Dedicated Domain

We include an SSL with all of our websites, ensuring your data and your audiences data is kept secure while they are on your website. A free domain so you can be found online, we find an appropriate domain that represents your business well.

Premium Hosting

Our premium hosting package with automated back-ups, so if anything should go wrong, we can get it back to normal in no time and a free SSL certificate to keep yours and your audiences data secure.

All Hours Support

We're available whenever you need us to update your website, or for general consultation.

More Features

More features are added on a regular basis while we work with new partners. All new features become available as part of the packages outlined below.

Content Rich Features

A large variety of content blocks for you to build your website and inform your online audiences of the on-goings of your football club.

Additional e-commerce features are available to allow you to sell your club-shop items and match day tickets, manage your club's memberships and hire out your available facilities.

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Subscription Pricing.

Pay the whole year up-front or spread the payments over 12 months. Upgrade and downgrade features to match your budget.

Website Subscription

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Select which additional packages you wish to utilise to help generate your club revenue.

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Facilities Booking
You may have hall space, 4G pitches, training areas, or secondary pitches that you can hire out to other clubs. This will help increase revenue and cover maintenance fees.
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Match Tickets
Sell tickets to your games in advance, either by collecting payments online or on the day. Allowing your attendees to tell you whether they will be coming will aid in your logistic planning for match days.
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Membership Management
By managing your clubs memberships, it allows you to create annual revenue, keep your members information to hand, and allow you to set the payment as a subscription so no need to remind them next year.
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Club Shop
Selling your clubs merchandise directly on your own web store allows for much more flexibility and higher profit margins.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

We’re here to answer any of your questions, but first, here are a few that we get quite a bit. If your question isn’t on here, or you would like more information, get in touch with one of the team.

Do you offer a free trial?

As it takes time to set up the website to suit your football club's needs, we do not offer a free trial. We do offer the use of our example site which showcases all available features. Our team is also on hand to give you as much information as possible for you to make your marketing decision.

Do you offer assistance in setting up the website?

We have a wide range of guides and tutorials to help you set up your website to work for your football club. If you do get stuck, we are on hand to help you whenever you need us.

We already have a domain, can we still use that?

Yes. We can transfer it over, or just repoint it to our servers.

We can get a free website, why should we move over to ClabaSport?

We believe the knowledge and specific nature of our website software will allow you to instantly make an impact on your clubs efforts to encourage community engagement, drive revenue and build a reputation. This product is for clubs who have high ambitions to drive their clubs forward.

Can we cancel anytime?

You sure can. Cancel at any time and your website will be available until the end of your billing cycle. We will store your website for up to 3 months in case you wanted to come back.

How many people can be involved from one club?

We would always recommend sharing out the workload of managing the website. Anybody you wish to have editing permissions to the website can. We do think keeping the communications between ourselves and the club is best left down to one individual.

How do we get started?

Just head to the website package builder and select the features you want for your club. Sign-up and checkout and we'll be in touch when the website is ready to start editing. We aim for 2 business days to ensure you can get on with the tasks efficiently.

Do you offer email solutions too?

We do. As a separate product to football club websites. Please email us - for more information on this.