Facilities Booking

From: £15.00 / month

The ‘Facilities Booking’ add-on is a versatile tool that enables non-league football clubs to manage and automate the booking process for their facilities, including pitches, indoor areas, and any other available spaces. With this add-on, clubs can streamline their facilities management, generate additional revenue, and provide a better experience for their members and visitors.

Using the ‘Facilities Booking’ add-on, club members and visitors can easily browse available facilities, check availability, and make bookings online. This can include pitches for training sessions or matches, indoor areas for events or meetings, and other spaces that the club has available for hire.

The ‘Facilities Booking’ add-on provides a host of benefits for clubs, including increased revenue through facility rentals, reduced administrative burden, and better management of bookings and resources. The add-on also allows clubs to set up different pricing options and packages, as well as manage payments and invoices securely and efficiently.

Overall, the ‘Facilities Booking’ add-on is an essential tool for any non-league football club looking to improve their facilities management, provide a better experience for their members and visitors, and generate additional revenue through facility rentals.