Match Tickets

From: £15.00 / month

The ‘Match Tickets’ add-on is a feature-rich tool that enables non-league football clubs to easily sell tickets to their matches and events through their website. With this add-on, clubs can create and manage different ticket types and pricing options, set capacities for each event, and collect payments securely and efficiently.

The ‘Match Tickets’ add-on provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for fans looking to purchase tickets online. Customers can view available events, select their preferred ticket type and quantity, and make payments securely using a variety of payment methods.

In addition to the convenience for fans, the ‘Match Tickets’ add-on provides a host of benefits for clubs. It helps to increase revenue by making it easier to sell tickets online, while also providing valuable data on attendance and customer behavior. Clubs can use this data to make informed decisions about marketing and event planning, helping them to build stronger relationships with their fans and grow their overall fan base.

Overall, the ‘Match Tickets’ add-on is an essential tool for any non-league football club looking to streamline their ticket sales process, provide a better experience for their fans, and grow their revenue.